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Inspiring individual, nr 2. Noor Tagouri.

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So today I thought i'd write about an incredable girl that i've been following for a little while now. She is all about hard work ma shaa Allah. If you have followed my blog and my youtube channel you know I like to stay positive and motivated. I believe everyone should have a goal in life and work hard to accomplish their goals. I offically think this girl kind of feels like my soulmate haha since she thinks the same and is a hard working girl. Her name is Noor Tagouri.
She is, in shaa Allah, a future journalist. Right now she is an intern at WUSA-9 TV and a CBS Radio associate journalist. She is working so hard to become one of the few hijabi-journalist out there in the US. She has her own campaign called #LetNoorShine that is all about inspiring. People share dreams and goals with her, the campaign is all about working hard for what you want to achieve. Wow feels like we are the same just in two different bodies and two different countries haha. Ma shaa Allah I love people with goals and people that are hard working. People who fight for what they want and work everyday for what they believe in. She is definetly one of them. Feel free to follow her, she will inspire you. She is only 20 and has accomplished alot. Ma shaa Allah. ♥ She is in Bali right now, exploring their culture and the enviroment, I think it's something she'll write a story about.



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    Åh, hon är så himla underbar! Följer också henne flitigt:)

    Svar: Ja, love her!:)
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    2014-02-14 | 11:32:08
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