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Inspiring individual, nr 1. Angelina Jolie!

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Hi and Salam waaleykom ladies!
So i'm gonna start something called "Inspiring individuals" here on my blog, that's because i truly love watching people make a change, follow their passion and just spread important messages around the world. So i thought i'd share different people that i find inspiring in different ways. I hope you enjoy this! I think we should seek inspiration all the time to become better.

This first lady that i chose is on special lady, she truly cares for others and i LOVE her way of thinking. A quote that stuck with me when I heard one of her speaches yesterday was: "That nothing would mean anything if I didn't have a life of use to others". This was said to her by her mother and ever since she had the opportunity to make a change that is what she had done. The woman i'm talking about is the one and only, Angelina Jolie.

Why I find her truly inspiring is because she goes out of her comfortzone to help other, to see how others live and how blessed she is. She helps millions every year and I really love that majority of her children are adopted, children she helped form different countries. Amazing. How many people think the way she does, how many people think that we will live a life to help others and to be a use for other fellow humanbeings? This makes me think of an hadith that goes: "None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself." -Bukhari & Muslim.


I love this last picture.
Don't forget that you can help in many different ways, start today in shaa Allah. 


  • Mira säger:

    Salam aleikum

    Vilken bra idé att lyfta fram inspirerande personer mashAllah :) Jag tror det är viktigt att visa för världen att det finns människor kvar i världen som fortfarande tänker för sig själva och att allt inte bara är yta.

    Ja, jag har verkligen haft fina dagar alhamdulillah :)
    Jag mår jättebra, hur mår du syster?

    Svar: Waaleykom salam! Ja exakt!
    Hamdulillah har det bra! :)
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    2014-01-02 | 17:02:39
    Bloggadress: http://miramalin.wordpress.com
  • ayaan abdullahi säger:

    Åh vilken fin idè ♥♥
    Den där kvinnan är galet vacker ♥

    Svar: Tack!!Ja mA riktigt fin! <3
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    2014-01-03 | 15:58:31
    Bloggadress: http://ayalicious.blogg.se
  • Suad säger:

    love her! och grym blogg!

    Svar: Me too! Och TACK så mkt! =)
    None None

    2014-01-03 | 19:49:55
    Bloggadress: http://www.sui.blogg.se

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